Heel Pain

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Many patients will complain of heel pain in the morning.    This condition can also occur after walking or running.    There are many causes for this condition but the most common condition is plantar fascitis.   Sometimes a X-ray is needed  to evaluate the condition to make sure that a fracture is not present.   The plantar fascitis condition is typically due to a pulling of the ligament on the inside/bottom of the foot.      A supportive shoe  can be helpful.    Sometimes a custom orthotic is needed to support the ligament and to prevent the stretching of the ligament.    A cortisone injection can also be helpful  in relieving the pain if the area of tenderness is very specific  to a certain area of the heel.   Physical therapy can also be helpful for certain patients.   Heel surgery is rarely needed for the procedure.      If you have this condition which is very common then it is wise to see a podiatrist to  determine if you have plantar fascitis  and  before it becomes more inflammed and painful to walk.

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